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From broken torsion springs to reversing doors, count on our experts to fix any problem you have with your garage door. We can fix, replace, install and adjust every part of the system.

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Most residential doors are used several times a day. Wear and tear over time is natural, but parts also wear when the environment is corrosive and as a result of physical damage by the use. Bent tracks, cables going off the drum, misaligned sensors and similar problems must be fixed as soon as possible so that the door will operate properly. Our garage door repair services include all actions and solutions that need to be done in order to fix such issues and enable the door to work properly and safely once again. If you need professional assistance, our company is here for you.Garage Door Repair Services in Florida

Garage door adjustment

In order for your overhead door to go up and down properly, it must be balanced. This is done by adding or releasing spring tension. If you want to check the balance of your door, you should disconnect the opener and raise the door manually to your chest height. It should remain in place and supported by the springs. It's natural for the door to bounce or move upwards or downwards slowly. If it shoots upwards or slams down with force, it is out of balance. In the case of the former, tension must be released. In the case of the latter, tension must be added. Let us know if you need our assistance.


It's not always obvious what the real problem with the door is. When it fails to open or close properly, it might be a problem with the springs, the reverse system, the photo eyes, wiring or the cable. In order to discover what is wrong and with which part, a thorough inspection is done. The most suspicious parts are checked so that the root of the problem will be detected and the proper steps will be taken. This is the process of troubleshooting.

Opener repair

Opener repairs might be related to the wires, sensors, clicker, gears, chain and other parts. During troubleshooting, the source of the problem can be discovered. If the reverse system fails to work, the sensors are aligned and damaged wires are replaced. Replacements are also included in the services.

Emergency repair services in Odessa

Whenever it comes to urgent problems you simply cannot ignore, like your door stuck half open, one of your torsion springs broke or the cable snapped, you can count on our fast emergency services. We at Garage Door Repair Odessa know how important it is to have a safe, fully functioning and reliable door and so we will do anything in our power to get to you as fast as possible and fix the issue. Let us get your door back on track today!

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