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Learn how to inspect garage doors discover and smart ideas about garage door maintenance in the tips below.

Backup battery for garage doors

Nothing can be worse than discovering that you cannot park the car inside the garage as there is a power outage and the battery is not functional. A good battery backup system is essential and even if you are using one, our experts advise owners to check them periodically as batteries can go bad even when they are not in use.

Maintaining moving parts

All moving parts of the garage door should be checked especially the axels, hinges, rollers and others. Use a good quality lubricant and apply the same to the rails and axels. If these components are well-lubricated they will perform well for a long time and make less noise too.

Garage door lock lubrication

How do you apply the lubricant on the lock mechanism as you complete garage door maintenance? Our garage door repair specialists say it’s simple. You just have to spray it into the keyhole a few times until the lubricant is evenly distributed. Be careful not to spray too much. While you’re at it, also try lubricating the hinges, fasteners, and springs.

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